Create an image when a new row is added to a Google Sheet

Create an image when a new row is added to a Google Sheet


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Creating images based on Google Sheet rows has never been easier with this Social Image Integration.

Create your Social Image Template

Design your own template using the template editor in Social Image or use one of our templates to get going even faster 🤷🏻‍♂️. Visit this page to create a template.

View the Google Sheets Integration

The Google Sheets Integration in Social Image allows you to choose a Project and a Template to generate images with.

Once you've selected your Template and Project, you'll be given the option to download an example CSV (Google Sheet file) containing the custom top cell values you'll need to customize and generate your images. Alternatively you can copy these cell values to your clipboard by clicking the button.

Create a new Google Sheet

Open Google Sheets and create a new Sheet.

Create a new Google Sheet

Add the custom cell values to your Google Sheet

If you downloaded the CSV file you can click File->Import in your Google Sheet to upload your file and replace the current sheet.

If you copied the values to your clipboard you can simply click the first cell in the Sheet and press Ctrl + V (Command + V on a Mac) to paste in your custom Social Image values.

Add the custom Google Apps Script

On the Google Sheets Integration page on Social Image you'll see a text box containing the custom Google Apps Script (some code needed to be added to your Google Sheet so Social Image can generate your images). Click the clipboard icon to copy this script.

Copy Google Apps Script

In your Google Sheet click Extensions -> Apps Script.

Once the Apps Script page opens, replace the existing code with the code your copied (Ctrl + V or Command + V on a Mac). Then click the Save button followed by the Run button. You may have to click "Advanced Settings" to verify that you know where the code has come from.

Go back to your Google Sheet and refresh the page to see the new Social Image menu item added.

Add your rows and generate some images!

All that is left to do now is to add your rows and Click "Social Image" -> "Generate Images".

Put your content creation on autopilot

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